Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Good Food!

If ever one of you had accidentally went to Kulim. Try to eat at this somewhat called cafe or restaurant, Keev's. Foods there was somewhat delicious and scrumptios Malay food and Western food . Knowing this place in the northern region, there are not many places which served delicious food at an affordable price. And I dare say, Keev's are one of 'em. And by far my favourite place to lepak with friends. It is also suitable if you are the family-diner type of guy. These are what good food looks like. Sorry , but I didn't had the chance to take pictures of the surrounding. But I dare say, the place's nice too. So, enjoy!

The Naan cheese was great, the seafood pasta was awesomely done and the nasi beriani was umpphh! Haha whenever there's good food, there's always time to snap a pic. 

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